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Such a nice app!

Finally you guys have fixed that spinner bug. The game is still great! A lot of fun guaranteed.

I love

I love this game. It is so much fun. The members of my family have it and we all play against each other and random people. Easy, fun and very addictive. Works great on my iPhone 5.


Finally a game that can bring people together. Its freakin great for parties and for people who are loners like me lol. There are like tons of phrases and they never end idk how this even possible

One of my favourites

Updated the app with great pleasure as it still remains among my favourites for spending time with friends. The app always helpes to create good mood and friendly atmosphere. Simple rules and exciting tasks together make it the best.

Great alternative to original

Dont know how often its updated, but often enough and more than never so its automatically better than catch phrase. Also customizable settings. Total rip off of catch phrase but its so much fun and catch phrase doesnt even have a free or paid app (and is a total rip off of 10,000 pyramid already) so dl it guilt free and have fun.

Good when theres nothing to do

I enjoy playing such kind of games with my friends when we are together. I can play this one when Im alone. Its simple and interesting.

Nice idea for a party

A simple and easy, but extremely funny game. I play it with my friends in real life or online (I dont play with strangers so I know nothing about this function). And you know it still hasnt bored us. There are so many categories and phrases so I guess its going tol take ages to try them all. Its a good idea for a party, everybody will like it.


A wonderful game that will save you from boredom whether you are alone or in a company. After updating the tasks became much more interesting.


Its a really cool game to play at parties in big companies. Its interesting and funny. So far I played it just once but we had a lot of fun and laughed so much!!

An amazing one!

Thats a great game for a party! Its really cool to play it with friends, so fun! Another amazing update has rolled out recently and now I love this game even more!

Force your brain

The game is both easy and difficult. And I can say the game is intelligent. Each word which you must guess, force your brain works quickly.


Yesterday we gathered with my friends at my house, but turned off the light, and we thought that the evening is spoiled, but then we decided to play this app and it was very interesting! It was not possible to get bored. Now we know how nice it is to spend an evening in big company, thanks:)


This app is much better than analogs. A real phrase party for you and your friends right here and right now. What can be better!?


Playing is fun but I wouldnt pay for this game 2 bucks sorry


Amazing game! Single mode is fun but I prefer to play with my friends. The puzzles are really challenging. Makes you think a while. Great game. No glitch or lag.

Phrase party

We have been playing this game for years and now having this app it became more fun

Great app for party

Cool game for a party or just friends who want to have fun. When we played there were many funny moments. The game is worth the money that it costs!

Cool game

I enjoyed this game with my friends. Its really attractive and entertaining. The only things I would like to have a pause button and a it better graphics.

Good one !

Ive played those kind of games for a while. But this 1 makes it really easier by using my own phone


This is an unusual and exciting game. It is quite simple, contains a lot of phrases that you need to guess.I like to play Phrase Party with my friends.

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